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Program Type: Presentation
Age: Teen, Adult

Dive Into the Supernatural History of the Quad Cities. Spine-tingling tales shared by the authors of this new book. 
Divided  by  state  lines  and  the  Mississippi  River,  the  Quad  Cities. share a common haunted heritage. If anything, the seam that runs through  the  region  is  especially  rife  with  spirits,  from  the  Black Angel of Moline’s Riverside Cemetery to the spectral Confederate POWs of Arsenal Island.  Of course, the city centers have their own illustrious supernatural residents—the  Hanging  Ghost  occupies  Davenport’s  City  Hall, while  the  Phantom  Washwoman  wanders  Bettendorf’s  Central Avenue.  At  Igor’s  Bistro  in  Rock  Island,  every  day  is  Halloween.
Michael  McCarty  and  Mark  McLaughlin  hunt  down  the  haunted lore of this vibrant midwestern community.